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Learn More About LG Projectors. Provides high performance and designed for portability to assist at presentations in small to medium size meeting rooms.

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Why LG projector for B2B?

01_No more hassle lamp maintenance1_1475827513075

No more hassle lamp maintenance

The LG Minibeam uses an LED or laser illumination system, providing up to eight hours of entertainment each day for seven to 10 years without replacing the light units.


02_Save the Energy, and svae the cost1_1475827538527

Save the Energy, and save the cost

Compared to other projectors, the LG Minibeam consumes less power in both operating mode

03_Less heat, Less hot air user1_1475827578405

Less heat, Less hot air to user.

Compared to conventional projectors, the LG Minibeam produces low heat,
making it safer and more convenient for tabletop use.

04_Instant OnOff1_1475827610201

Instant On/Off

Whereas conventional projectors can take up to two minutes to come on, the LG Minibeam with Instant On/Off saves time by powering up instantly.

05_Standard compatibility1_1475827635558

Standard compatibility

The LG Minibeam offers easy compatibility with various external devices by using standard-size terminals, unlike other projectors that require special connectors.

06_One projector for multiple small meeting room1_1475827752767

One projector for multiple small meeting room

The compact, portable LG Minibeam is the only projector you need for all your presentations in multiple conference rooms.

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