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Increase your building's value with green energy solutions

Energy Saving

- Top-class energy efficiency with innovative technologies
- Various heat sources for eco-friendliness
- A Human Detection Sensor adjusts operation

Comfortable Spaces

- 3-step air purification system supplies fresh air
- Optimal temperature, air flow, and humidity

Effective Management

- Integrated energy monitoring & management
- BMS Gateway provides easy link to existing building systems

An image of an office space with air conditioning on.

Quality fresh air
in the office

Healthy and clean air conditioning for a pleasant office environment.

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Eco-friendliness reduces costs

Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of natural heat sources like solar and water, and the reuse of waste heat from sewage and factories.

An Image of someone using dual monitors for efficient energy management.

Energy control system

Integrated energy monitoring and management makes energy consumption more efficient and reduces costs.

Images of an outdoor unit installed on the roof of a building and LEED® certification on a wall.

Solution for LEED® certifications

With state-of-the-art HVAC technology and various systems, LG’s VRF solutions are highly beneficial for achieving LEED® certifications.

Thumbnails of a building icon, a BMS Gateway product and LG air conditioners with connecting lines.

Easy link with building system

Integrated management of LG HVAC Control Solution links operations of LG air conditioners with external systems for expanded coverage. The embedded BMS enables direct connection with other systems without any additional BMS gateways to enable communication.

Product lineup for your office

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Enquire To Buy

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Meet LG's optimal solutions for various types of offices

WeWork in the UK

The historic renovation project of aviation house office space in London.
/ Multi V, Indoor units

CIBIS Tower 9

A landmark and Leed Platinum certified building in Jakarta.
/ Multi V, Indoor units

Promenady ZITA

A complex of five Leed Platinum certified buildings in Poland.
/ Multi V, Indoor units

Infinity Tower

High-rise LEED Gold certified office building in Brazil.
/ Multi V Water, Indoor units

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