Information Display

The digital signage and commercial TVs you choose has the power to move your hearts and minds. Explore the collection of digital signage & displays below.


Digital Signage

Discover how LG Digital Signage solutions can help benefit your business as well as increase sales.


Commercial TV

With LG Pro: Centric Hotel TV and Signage solution, managers can create customized guest caring content in a simple and easier way.


OLED Signage

Dual-View OLED Commercial Displays available
in flat and curved tiling configurations


LED Signage

LG's Smart LED Indoor Signage, helps bring
your content to life. Whilst LG's Smart LED
Outdoor Signage (LBS Series) will captivate
your customers, becoming a landmark in your



We gathered some interesting projects to give
you on vertical references.

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About LG Information Display

LG Information Display provides a wide range of innovative products and solutions that have the power to move your hearts and minds.