This single-handed solution for varied applications under various environments lets you control heating, ventilation, and hot water at once via smooth connectivity with indoor units.

Several MULTI V i are installed side by side on the roof of the building. AI chips are highlighted at the center of the product. Next to the product are icons for 'CO2 Lowering', 'noise reduction', and 'Interconnectivity'.

AI Technology VRF Solution

An intelligent VRF Solution that uses AI control for better space.

Designed for Extraordinary Performance

Experience the powerful performance of 26 HP, with guaranteed operation in temperatures from -30℃ to 52℃, Full performance in temperatures from -10℃ to 43℃, unmatched for a single-unit system.

MULTI V i is installed on the roof of the building, with cold winter and hot summer weather in the background. The following text is highlighted above the product: 'Full Performance in -10℃ to 43℃'

* Results may vary depending on the environment.

Intelligent Energy Management Begins with MULTI V i

Utilises data on user-behavior patterns and automatically senses temperature, people, season, and humidity levels to create an optimal indoor environment while decreasing energy usage.

MULTI V i is installed on the roof of a building. Next to the product is a graphic sensing temperature, humidity, and the number of people. Above it is a graph that controls and records energy usage by setting targets.

* Results may vary depending on the environment.

One Solution for Various Spaces

Compatibility with various products such as Hydro Kit and ERV to provide heating and hot water, cooling, humidification, and ventilation solutions. Can be used with an LG leak detector to keep indoor spaces safe.

There are MULTI V i installed and people living inside the building.The first space is an office, heating, and the heating icon is highlighted. The second space is a cafe, full of clean air and highlights the icon for ventilation. The third space has a warm floor and highlights the floor heating icon. In the last space, warm water is coming out of the bathroom, and the hot water icon is highlighted.

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