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What To Look For When Buying a Gaming Monitor in 2022?


Are you a gamer ? What is the most important component for you as a gamer? For some it’s CPU, for some it’s graphic card, and for some it’s gaming monitor. Mostly it’s the gaming monitor which plays a very important and crucial role. If you have a good gaming monitor, you will automatically gear up for a gaming experience like never before!

But what exactly does one have to search for in a gaming monitor? Can a regular monitor be a gaming monitor? Can a TV take place of a gaming monitor? There can be a lot of questions that come to your mind when you are choosing a monitor for gaming. Exploring the different monitor details and settling on a specific model can be a difficult task. Below mentioned tips will help you in picking the best gaming monitor.


Things to consider when buying a gaming monitor

Know The Purpose

As a matter of first importance, you ought to decide the primary reason of your monitor. Will it just be a gaming monitor? Or you want it for professional work? Or it’ll be a combination of both. Concluding the main purpose of your monitor, will help you in making the best buying decision.
Mostly, gamers, check the refresh rates and response times. Professionals on the other hand check the contrast ratios and color accuracy, while general users buy monitor just for the purpose of content consumption.

Refresh Rate

The most important factor to consider when buying gaming monitor is the refresh rate. It is very crucial factor to consider for gaming. Refresh rate is basically referred to as the number of time the screen refreshes the image per second measured in Hz.


The basic non-gaming monitors are 60Hz that are good for casual media consumption and light gaming, but for a monitor to be a real gaming monitor, it must have a high refresh rate. Refresh rates of 120Hz and 144Hz are considered ideal for gaming as they provide extremely smooth motion in games.

Response Time

The response time of a monitor is the amount of time in milliseconds it takes to switch its pixels from one state to the other. Go for a gaming monitor with low response time. High response rate monitors should be paired with less than 5ms response time. The ideal response time for gaming monitor is 1ms.

Screen Resolution

The LCD panel of your display monitor is made of millions of tiny dots referred to as pixels. Each pixel has a sub-pixel that resembles each primary color. The combination of all the sub pixels and pixels makes the perfect image on the screen. More the pixels, smoother and sharper the image will be. The different type of screen resolutions you will come across are 4K, FHD, HD, QHD, 2K etc.

Screen Size

The most basic thing to consider when buying a gaming monitor is the screen size. The most common sizes of gaming monitor are:

        • 24 (60.96cm) or Lower : This screen size is ideal for 1080p monitors.

        • 27 (68.58cm) : This screen size is ideal for 1440p monitors.

        • 32 (81.28cm) : This screen size is ideal for 4K monitors.


These screen sizes are best with the screen resolutions mentioned. In order to yield the best results avoid pairing high resolution like 4K with small screen.

Finally after the above mentioned tips, you also have to consider the physical ergonomics of the monitor itself. This includes factors like the monitor size, the quality of the stand, and the degree of movement offered by the stand.

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