What is e-Waste?

E-waste has been defined as "waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded". E-waste consists of all waste from electronic and electrical appliances which have reached their end-of-life period or are no longer fit for their original intended use and are destined for recovery, recycling or disposal

E-Waste regulation

In India, The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change notified the E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 on 23 March 2016, which were effective from 1st October'2016.

Further, The E-Waste Management Rules 2016 have been amended vide notification G.S.R. 261(E), dated March 22, 2018.

LG stands committed to implement E-Waste rules.

E waste management rules are available on https://cpcb.nic.in/e-waste/


LG Take Back Program E-Waste Recycling

There is a need to encourage the recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste so as to conserve the ever-depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize waste.

Also, scientific disposal of e-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old products will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

LG Electronics India provides an e-waste take-back service for old LG Products in compliance with the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility). Upon request by a customer to our centralized call center no., we will call back & schedule a visit for collecting e-waste products from the designated venue. The collected waste is recycled as materials through the disassembly and classification process. Through these activities, LG seeks to contribute to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

This initiative from LG Electronics is the step towards cleaner and greener earth. We request all our customers to join this movement to make it successful by way of contributing their end-of-life product

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E-waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, broken, electrical or electronic devices.

E-waste can be hazardous, when it is disposed and treated in environmentally unsound manner. Direct contact of the harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, brominated flame retardants or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and exposure to toxic fumes may cause serious health hazards. Furthermore, recycling activities such as dismantling of electrical equipment without the use of Personal Protective Equipment as specified by the E-waste Management rules, 2016 may potentially bear an increased risk of injury.

All the LG products are safe for human beings to use. However in case of breakage/dismantling in unscientific way, it could cause damage to environment or human beings (directly or indirectly). Chances are there that user might come in contact with chemicals which could cause irritation in skin & eyes and might cause dizziness etc. Also sharp edges of electronic items could cause damage to body.

Accumulation of toxic substances by improper recycling methods may cause serious environmental problems. Toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soil and water may cause pollution, while Toxic fumes reach in to the environment and cause air pollution.

If e-waste products aren't disposed of safely, they can pose a safety hazard to people, animals and the environment. In addition to contaminating soil, it can pollute the air and leach into water sources. You should dispose of your e-waste in proper manner so that it reaches to the authorised recycler having the required infrastructure & processes for correct & safe recycling. It enables protection of the environment and health from toxic substances contained in e-waste.

LG Electronics India provides e-waste take-back service for old LG Products. Upon request by you to our centralized call centre no., we will call back & schedule visit for collecting e-waste product from your home.

We cover LG products i.e. Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Washing machine, TV & Monitor under e-waste Take back program

We believe that Producers & consumers have shared responsibility for e-waste reduction and recycling to contribute towards a greener planet. We believe that a sustainable future lies in the individual efforts of each person and each company, like ours.. There is no monetary benefit or discount applicable for our e-waste take-back program. There is no charge to you for pick up, transport, or recycling

It is recycled. LG will collect old LG products, transport them to one of their authorized recycling centres where the product will be broken down into saleable materials such as plastics, metals and glass. Downstream vendors will further process the materials into reusable forms and new products will be made.

LG encourages customers to take additional steps to destroy all personal and confidential data contained on LG products, before handling over those for recycling.