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How to level during installation
 Place the product on a firm and flat surface. Check if the product is shaky by pressing a corner of the

 Adjust the level of the machine using two legs in the front.


※ Check when the tub is empty.



 If the legs and the surface is 10mm (two little finger thick) apart, use height adjustment plates.
 (Legs more than 10mm high can cause more vibration or noise.)


How to check the level of the washing machine

 ① Pressing the product from the top diagonally.


Hold the product diagonally as in the figure, press each corner to check if the product is leveled.

③ If the product is shaky, adjust the leg on that corner and check again for accuracy.



Is laundry slanted to one side?

  - It is not a defect of the product. Error occurs when laundry is unevenly spread in the tub. Spreading the
    laundry evenly.
② Is the machine installed on a flat surface? (Check bubble in the inclinometer.)

  - Install the washing machine on a firm and flat surface and adjust the legs so that the machine is leveled.

    When the product is balanced, it will operate. 

③ Were waterproof clothing or carpet washed? 

  - In case of waterproof clothing such as ski wear, sleeping bags, diaper covers, curtains, and carpets,
    water cannot be drained during spinning, causing inclination of laundry.
    Remove these types of laundry to continue washing.




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