Discover LG's ARTCOOL Mirror Air Conditioner model with high energy efficiency, it is perfect for interior rooms as they have a minimal sound level. An ideal air conditioner for your business needs.

*The actual product image may differ from the image shown above.
  • DUAL Inverter Compressor™1

    DUAL Inverter Compressor™

    A compressor with a wider rotational frequency saves more energy and has a faster cooling range.

  • 10 Year Warranty1

    10 Year Warranty

    Verification obtained from TUV Rheinland for 10-year product life cycle.

  • TUV Rheinland1

    TUV Rheinland

    TUV Rheinland, Verification on Fast Cooling & Power Saving Rate (US-W242Kxy0/TS-H2465DA0).

*The test was performed by INTERTEK ETL SEMKO Korea Ltd. (Test report No.:IF13-RE00573).
*Test chamber size : 52㎥ volume.
*Test results may differ from results in actual room conditions.
*Test Condition : LG Internal Test.
  • Active Energy Control1

    Active Energy Control

    Active Energy Control function allows you to select the level of energy consumption depending on the situation. Enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere with saving energy.

  • Jet Cool1

    Jet Cool

    The optimized design of the air outlet provides more powerful airflow, which cools the room quickly.

  • Auto Cleaning1

    Auto Cleaning

    The comprehensive auto cleaning function prevents the forming of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger and thus provides a more pleasant and comfortable environment for the user.

  • Micro Dust Filter1

    Micro Dust Filter

    The Micro Dust Filter captures and eliminates harmful micro-particles, including bacteria and dust, in order to deliver fresh, clean air.

  • Vertical 6 Steps Louver1

    Vertical 6 Steps Louver

    Users can choose the vane direction among 6 preset positions to meet the exact wind blow direction you desire.

  • 4 Way Swing1

    4 Way Swing

    LG air conditioners deliver cool air to every corner of your room. The 4 way swing function blows the air quickly and efficiently in many directions.

  • Jet Dry1

    Jet Dry

    Jet Dry technology places priority in dehumidification for areas with high humidity levels to keep your room dry and fresh.

  • Gold Fin™1

    Gold Fin™

    The Gold Fin™ ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and enhances the durability of heat exchanger for a much longer period.

  • Comfort Sleep1

    Comfort Sleep

    Comfort Sleep mode ensures the utmost comfort sleep environment by automatically adjusting 3 different functions(Indirect airflow/7hr off time set/Soft wind & sleep time logic),with one click.

  • DUAL Protection Filter1

    DUAL Protection Filter

    The DUAL Protection Filter captures dust size over 10㎛.