LG UK Cassette for Business maximizes interior aesthetics, that’s appropriate for any space with award winning modern elegance design air conditioner. Find out more about it below.
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    Compact Size

    Slim & compact design of smart 4 way cassette not only saves space but also reduces installation cost. It is designed to suit most of building designs and fit into various spaces.
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    High Ceiling Mode

    High Ceiling Mode provides powerful cooling and heating up to 4.2m in height, from ceiling to floor. Airflow can be further strengthened by adjusting the fan speed.
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    Independent Vane Control

    The independent vane operation feature uses separate stepping motors, making it possible to control all four vanes independently.
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    Convenient Panel Installation

    The detachable corner design makes it easy to adjust the hanger during installation and to check for leakages in the drain connection pipe. It is easy to install the panel to the body, using the button type panel design.