Control Solution

LG UK Control Solution provides integrated control solution for System Air Conditioner. Helps you conveniently manage and control the building energy usage. Find out more about it below.

Central Controller

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    AC Smart IV

    Large 10.2” touch screen with intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) allows easy control

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    ACP IV

    User can access the control system online anytime, anywhere without access to PC or specific application

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    AC Manager IV

    PC software up to 32 ACP can be connected so that 8,192 indoor units can be controlled and monitored

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    AC Ez

    Easy to manage up to 32 indoor units include ventilation with simple commander

BMS(Building Management System) Gateway

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    Through embedded control function in BACnet, it is compatable with BMS

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    LonWorks helps interface between BMS and LG air conditioners

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    Modbus helps interface with other controllers

Individual Controller

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    Premium Controller

    5-inch full touch screen with premium design

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    Standard Controller

    Providing easy control of one or a group of indoor units with various functions

  • SAC_ControlSolution_12_3_2_1460015610199

    Simple Controller

    A simple way to control office or hotel systems in a compact design

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    Wireless Controller

    Wireless control to operate air conditioners more conveniently