Government North Block

LG UK Air Conditioning Systems for North Block are the most comprehensive and reliable HVAC and energy solutions that can enhance your Government Industry.



Location : India

Vertical : Government

Solution : Multi V IV



Brief Introduction to the Project

North Block is a part of Rashtrapati Bhawan, the sprawling residential complex of the President of India. North Block houses the key offices of Ministry of Home, Ministry of Finance and the others. Ministry of Home is responsible for internal security of India and it operates 24/7 for 365 days in a year. The building was inaugurated in 1931.



Brief Introduction to the Project

The building is a heritage building, which is over 85 years old. It has mission critical offices and the access to the building is limited for just few hours. The customer was interested in replacing a legacy system and individual units with energy-saving VRF technology.



How LG Solved the Issues on Hand

On the basis of 11-year power consumption estimates, LG was the winner in the competitive biding where all the major players participated. Speaking on the project, Mr. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Executive Engineer of CPWD said, “For the past decade, the focus of the government has been on energy efficiency. Due to the building’s unique structure, we needed an uncompromised air conditioning solution. CPWD devised a strategy with eminent experts to use the latest air conditioning systems without compromising on the basis features of the building. It was concluded that VRF will be the most suitable for HVAC solution.”



Improvements Made by LG HVAC solutions

The client found LG well-equipped to make a proper combination of manpower, material and time. Mr. Manoj Kumar Pandey added, “As far as cost saving is concerned, with raw data, I can say that the cost per ton is quite reasonable. Since it is inverter-based, I find that the cost saving per ton in power consumption is more than 60% compared to conventional systems.” He continued: “Additionally, LG is a pioneer in VRF technology. It has deputed manpower, that is not only fully equipped with the technology also an ability to solve all my queries.”

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