Residence Equus 333

Learn more about our case study, Equus 333, in Mexico, and how LG solved the issues faced by the client by implementing our latest technology.



Location : Mexico
Vertical : Residence
Solution : Multi V IV



Brief Introduction to the Project

If history tells that second helpings are not always as good as the first, Legado Corporativo wanted not only to change history, but moreover to repeat and overwhelm the success of their corporate headquarter complex, Equus Parque Corporativo 333 (EQUUS 333), that had brought up the talk of the town when it was opened back in 2008. Ever since its opening, EQUUS 333 had been the highest ranked corporate office in the Monterrey metro area right in the heart of San Pedro Garza García.



Difficulties Experienced by Client

“Having a building in a good location itself is not enough, one of the factors that allow us to sell our property more competitively than others is the cost of energy. We needed a solution that can give us the lowest and most attractive kilowatt/hour by squared meter(m²) ratio in this zone to attract tenants where competition is fierce,” said Carlos Montero.



How LG Solved the Issues on Hand

Legado Corporativo analyzed three air-conditioning brands in their quest for searching the most efficient air-conditioning system that can better suit theirenergy saving needs. And during the revision and analysis of technical information, they came to the conclusion that LG VRF system, Multi V IV technology will result in greater savings than the ones offered by major competitors.



Improvements Made by LG HVAC solutions

“LG’s Multi V IV system offered the added value we were looking for to our EQUUS 333 Project operation. It freed more space on our roofs, giving us the possibility to have increased areas of green roofs that will contribute to higher energy usage savings."

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