LSAA Optimum Cable-less LED Series
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Brightness: 600 cd/m²
  • Wireless Data Transfer and Cable-less Power Docking
  • AI-powered Image Processor
  • Real-time 365 Care Service


LSAA Optimum Cable-less LED Series

True Innovation Behind Simplicity

With unrivaled picture quality and optimum cable-less design,Expand the Possibilities of Business Space Itself.
True Innovation Behind Simplicity True Innovation Behind Simplicity

Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED

The LSAA series is the innovative LED signage applying the wireless transmission technology.For up to UHD resolution with the 16:9 ratio, it does not require a cable connection between the cabinets to supply signal & power.Its block assembly design makes the LSAA series easier to be installed than ever before.
Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED
Optimum cable-less design for simple installation Optimum cable-less design for simple installation
*Based on P1.2, 16:9, UHD Resolution (8 x 8 Cabinets)
04-Wireless-Data-Transfer-Cable-less-Power-Docking-Indoor-LED-Signage-ID-D 04-Wireless-Data-Transfer-Cable-less-Power-Docking-Indoor-LED-Signage-ID-M

Vivid Colour Expression Powered by HDR

With HDR (HDR10, HDR10 Pro*) support, content becomes vivid with great visual impact. The wider colour spectrum and greater contrast ratio allow viewers to fully enjoy lively content.
Vivid Colour Expression Powered by HDR Vivid Colour Expression Powered by HDR
*HDR10 Pro is LG's own HDR solution for processing HDR signal by using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.

EMC Class B Certified

The LG LSAA Series is certified as EMC Class B, which requires electronic equipment made for use in residential environments as well as commercial, industrial, or business environments. Therefore, it is suitable for up-close uses such as corporate meeting rooms, board rooms, etc.
EMC Class B Certified EMC Class B Certified

4-in-1 LED Package

Unlike LG's conventional LED signage in which one light source constitutes one small LED package, the LSAA series has applied four light sources at once to its wider LED package. So the attached area of 4-in-1 LED package can be wider than the conventional single LED package, making the LED signage surface smoother and suitable for up-close uses such as corporate meeting rooms etc.
4-in-1 LED Package 4-in-1 LED Package

Standby Mode

When there is no input signal for a period of time, the screen turns off and the main circuit parts inside the LED cabinet go to a standby mode. This saves additional power consumption and enables the product to be reactivated simply by using a remote control.
Standby Mode Standby Mode

Real-time 365 Care Service

Maintenance is easier and faster with the optional Signage365Care* service, a cloud service solution provided by LG service. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, enabling the stable operation of clients' businesses.
Real-time 365 Care Service Real-time 365 Care Service
*The availability of the "Signage365Care" service differs by region, so please contact the LG sales representative in your region for more details.

Power / Signal Redundancy Support

The LSAA series is designed to support redundancy of signal and power, providing users with comfort. With an optional embedded back-up power supply unit, customers can assure the continuous operation of the screen without power failure, while the dual controllers minimise screen failure with a bi-directional signal input.
Power / Signal Redundancy Support Power / Signal Redundancy Support
*The "Conventional" shown above refers to LED displays which do not support the power/signal redundancy mode.
**The power/signal redundancy features are available from the third quarter of 2020.
***The embedded back-up PSU model is optional.

Physical Parameters

  • Pixel Pitch(mm)
    Module Resolution (WxH)
    240 x 90
  • Weight per Module (kg)
    Cabinet Resolution (WxH)
    480 x 270
  • Cabinet Surface Area (m²)
    Weight per Cabinet (kg/Cabinet)
  • Weight per Square Meter (kg/㎡)
    Physical Pixel Density (pixels/㎡)
  • Flatness of Cabinet (mm)

Optical Specifications

  • Brightness (After Calibration)
    600nit (Typ.) 1,200nit (Peak)
    Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal)
  • Visual Viewing Angle (Vertical)
    Brightness Uniformity
  • Color Uniformity
    Contrast Ratio
    Peak. 9,000:1
    Typ. 5,000:1

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Max.)
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Avg.)
  • Power Consumption (W/m², Max.)
    Power Consumption (BTU/Cabinet, Max.)
  • Power Consumption (BTU/Cabinet, Avg.)
    Power Consumption (BTU/㎡, Max.)
  • Specification Sheet
    • LSAA_Series_Datasheet_LG_Premium_Fine-pitch_LED_Signage.pdf

To access more technical documentation and downloads, please visit the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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