Multi V M

LG’s Multi V M VRF ‘hidden’ air conditioning system has been designed where limited or no outside space is available for air conditioning plant. The outdoor unit comprises of two parts, the compressor and heat exchanger and can be installed internally providing heating, cooling and hot water all year round.
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    Increased Freedom of Design

    Additional structure installation or ceiling construction isn't required due to improved freedom of design. This makes replacement of the compressor easier, making the service and maintenance of products handy. Moreover, split module provide low noise operation in comparison to the integrated type.
*LG Internet test result
**Based on 5HP
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    New Type Compressor

    MULTI V M ensures world class energy efficiency with innovative technologies such as LG's new type compressor.
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    Smart Load Control

    Refrigerant temperature is automatically adjusted according to the outside temperature in order to save operational energy.
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    Wide Louver Plus Fin

    Wide Louver Plus fin technology increases efficiency and heating performance compared to conventional fin.