• Energy Saving

    - Top-class energy efficiency with innovative technologies
    - Various heat sources for eco-friendliness
    - A Human Detection Sensor adjusts operation

  • Comfortable Spaces

    - 3-step air purification system supplies fresh air
    - Optimal temperature, air flow, and humidity

  • Effective Management

    - Integrated energy monitoring & management
    - BMS Gateway provides easy link to existing building systems

  • Meet LG's optimal solutions for various types of offices

  • WeWork in the UK1

    WeWork in the UK

    The historic renovation project of aviation house office space in London.
    / Multi V, Indoor units

  • CIBIS Tower 91

    CIBIS Tower 9

    A landmark and Leed Platinum certified building in Jakarta.
    / Multi V, Indoor units

  • Promenady ZITA1

    Promenady ZITA

    A complex of five Leed Platinum certified buildings in Poland.
    / Multi V, Indoor units

  • Infinity Tower1

    Infinity Tower

    High-rise LEED Gold certified office building in Brazil.
    / Multi V Water, Indoor units

Catalogue & Leaflet & Document Download

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Catalogue 2021 AWHP Grants Overview for Plumbers Therma V LGUKTHVWP_G_07_21v2.pdf File PDF3,628K
Catalogue uk_as_therma_V_2019_July_LGUKTHVmidCat.07_19v4.pdf File PDF1,588K