SuperSign WB

SuperSign WB is a white balancing software which offers convenient user interface service to help you how to write, draw, virtual keyboard, and web browse.
  • Introduction

    SuperSign WB enables easy and intelligent adjustments to a video wall for a uniform white balance with two calibration modes. Both sensor and camera calibration achieve a consistent white balance across connected displays, with camera calibration designed to cut down on time and manpower investment through a simple, automated process.


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Key Features

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    Auto Calibration

    Easily adjust white balance with few changes to settings
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    High Accuracy

    With intuitive UI, fine-tuned like the experts
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    Optimized for video wall

    Easily perform calibration of video wall via Wizard UI


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    Manual Calibration

    Even if a user is not a expert, Manual calibration provides an easy editing environment by enabling users to adjust white balance through LG's own UI.
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    Sensor Calibration

    Sensor calibration is based on LG's unique algorithm for high quality. It supports general sensors in markets and considers installation environment.
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    Camera Calibration

    It is possible to take a picture of a video wall, similar to a human's vantage point, and calibrate it to numerous monitors simultaneously.