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[LG G4] What are precautions for booting LG G4 for the first time?

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  • Last Updated 17/06/2015

What are precautions for booting LG G4 for the first time?

precautions Precautions

            1.Booting for the first time may take a long time.

               - When G4 is booted for the first time, it may require longer time than normal.

               - It can take up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot as the phone settings are initialized.

               - Such initialization should take place only once, and following booting will only need 27 seconds.


            2.Device may heat up during booting.

               - During the very first booting (2m 30s), greater data processing increases power consumption of CPU and memory devices,

                 which cause the device to heat up. 

               - Apps and user data (contacts, calendar, etc.) can be restored on the new phone with Lollipop OS. 
               - Depending
on the amount of data and applications to be restored, the first booting time and temperature of the device may rise.


               - To reduce heating, use Wi-Fi network instead of LTE during the initial setup.

               - Avoid restoring features to reduce the booting time and power consumption.

               - After the first booting is completed, do not use features that use a high amount of power such as UHD video recording or apps.

                 Update in Play Store to prevent the device from heating up.

               - Without inserting USIM card, the phone sets the brightness to maximum and the screen timeout to 2 minutes automatically.

                 This can also increase power use.


              * Please note that higher power consumption can increase temperature of the device.

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