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Remote control is not working.

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  • Last Updated 16/06/2016

Remote control is not working.

How to fix

1. Switch on at the bottom of the product.

- If you turned off TV with power switch, you can’t turn it on with remote control.

- The location of AC power switch may vary by model or may not exist.

2. Check the remote control if TV is selected.

Push “TV” button at the upper part of the remote control.

※ Depending on the remote control, “TV” button may or may not exist.

3. If left/right receiver is covered with objects.

Remove all the objects that cover the receiver.

If the remote control doesn’t work while watching TV,

- Turn off the fluorescent light(stabilizer) and try.

Three wave fluorescent light(stabilizer) may interfere the frequency and it may cause malfunction. (Remote control : 38KHz)

- Check the battery and its +,- position.

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