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The Tap connector for my fridge will not fit my tap, What can i do?

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  • Last Updated 12/04/2013

It can be found that there is a 1/2 inch cistern tap installed were the water line for the fridge needs to be connected. The installation paperwork that comes with the fridge references two adaptors (Image Below). Fig. J (3/4 inch adaptor) is the ONLY one supplied with Australian fridges. Fig. K is not available at all for purchase or supply.



If there is an incompatability of the supplies adaptor to the tap (Below image)


You will need to purchase through a plumbing supply store, hardware store or Approved Service Centre the following adaptor and rubber seal.



The seal goes into the adaptor, connected to the tap then the supplied hose adaptor for the fridge connects to the tap adaptor.

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