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Powers On Won't Run

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  • Last Updated 16/05/2018

SUBJECT : Powers On, Won't Run





check point Check point




Door close




• The door must be shut completely for the unit to begin operation.

• If the door will not shut completely, check to make certain that nothing in the racks is blocking it.

  Make certain that the unit is leveled as this can prevent the door from shutting completely.

  Rearrange load or readjust level of the unit, as necessary.



Delay start function




• If the Delay Wash is activated, the unit will be on but will not run.

• Check the display for numbers 1-24 or H01-H24 (varies by model).

  If display shows this, the cycle will not begin until the time has elapsed.

• To cancel the Delay Start, turn the power off

• To change the cycle and cycle option, open the door and then select another cycle and cycle option.

  The countdown will continue



Control Lock (Buttons won’t respond?)



• The Control Lock feature helps prevent settings from being changed during a cycle.

• Selecting this feature locks all of the buttons, except for the Power button, on the control panel.

  This feature does not lock the door.

• On models with the external display, while a cycle is running, press and hold Half Load and Energy Saver

  simultaneously for 3 seconds to activate or deactivate Control Lock.

• On models with a concealed display, open the door during operation and follow the same instruction.

• When the Control Lock feature is activated, the display code CL will show on the display.

• To start a new cycle, deactivate Control Lock. •Control Lock button can be set at any time by turning on the appliance.







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