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Placement and Preparation

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  • Last Updated 17/05/2018

SUBJECT : Placement and Preparation 



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   ■ A qualified electrician/plumber or competent person should carry out any electrical/plumbing work required to install this appliance.


Placement and Preparation 

1. This dishwasher is designed to fit the size shown as Fig1. (Product Size: 600 mm (W) X 600 mm (D) X 850 mm (H)

2. Cut out for hoses and electrical cables on either side. (Approximately 100 mm X 75 mm)

3. Select a location as close to the sink as possible for ease of connection to the water and drain pipes.

4. To ensure good drainage, the dishwasher should not be installed more than 1 meter away from the sink.

5. If the dishwasher is installed in a corner, a minimum of 50mm of space is required between the washer and an adjacent cabinet or wall.

6. Before placing the appliance into the preferred location, all necessary height adjustments  should be made using a spanner.

             (Figure 1)          





  Removing the Top Cover


1. Remove the 2 screws on the back.

2. Pull the top cover backwards after removing the two screws and then lift it up to remove it.

3. Remove the locating pins on the top by using a Phillips Screw Driver.



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