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Safety guide


SUBJECT : Safety Guide



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  ■ To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the dishwasher, follow basic precautions, including the following




 ■ During installation 


Electrical connection must be in accordance with the rating label.

• Electrical safety is only guaranteed when the earth system of your house is in accordance with the related local regulations. 

(Do not use an extension cable or cord.)

• If the hot water exceeds 65ºC, adjust the water heater setting. If the hot water temperature can not be maintained below 65ºC, the dishwasher must be connected to cold water.

• If power supply cord is damaged, it must only be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

This appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.

The appliance is to be connected to the water mains using new hose-sets and that old hose-sets should not be reused.0


■ During use

• Only suitable household utensils should be placed in the dishwasher.

(Please avoid utensils; that are non heat resistant, metal decorated, etc.)

• Do not use any kinds of solvent in your dishwasher. They may cause an explosion or fire.

• Do not spray water on the appliance. It may cause the failure of electric parts or electric shock.

• Do not push down or sit on the door when the door is opened. It may cause damage or failure of your dishwasher.

• Do not use the detergent for hand washing. Dishwasher detergent should be used for normal operation.

• This appliance is fitted with a safety function that automatically stops the operation of the dishwasher when it is exposed to abnormal electrical disturbance on its mains.

• Dishwasher detergents are extremely alkaline. They can be extremely dangerous if swallowed.

Avoid detergent contact with skin and eyes and keep children away from the dishwasher when the door is open.

Check that the detergent receptacle is empty after completion of each wash cycle.


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