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HE detergent usage basics

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High Efficiency (HE) Detergent

LG recommends using High Efficiency (HE) detergent for a better washing experience. Follow these simple guidelines when you use HE detergent in your LG washer.

The amount of detergent used for a particular wash cycle depends upon the size of the wash load. Follow the HE detergent manufacturer's recommendation to determine the correct amount of detergent to use. Most detergent packaging includes lines on the inside of the cap to indicate the amount of detergent to use for a small, medium, or large wash load.


Please Note: More detergent does not equal cleaner clothes. In fact, overuse can result in soap buildup which may lead to mold and mildew in your washer. High efficiency washers are designed to clean with a smaller volume of water, so measure your laundry products carefully. The "MAX" fill line in the washer detergent dispenser is the maximum amount the tray can hold and is not the indicator of the amount of detergent you use per load.

If the laundry product (detergent or fabric softener) is very thick or highly viscous, the liquids may not dispense properly. In such cases, use a different product or dilute your preferred product with water before filling up the dispenser.

How do you know when too much detergent was used?

Visible Suds - HE detergents produce less suds during the wash cycle. If you see a large amount of suds accumulating in the drum during a wash, you will need to decrease the amount of detergent for this size wash load.

Visible Residue - One sign of detergent overuse is residue visible on the fabric after a wash cycle.

Stiff Clothes - Detergent overuse may also cause fabric to feel stiff after drying. In such a case, run a rinse and spin cycle to correct the fabric stiffness and adjust the detergent and softener quantity for future loads.

Detergent amounts will vary depending upon the type of fabrics and load size. Adjust the amount of detergent as needed to accommodate your wash requirements.




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