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Detergent Residue Removal - Front Load Washer

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  • Last Updated 27/07/2018

To start, you'll want to perform some basic maintenance steps:

  1. Wipe the gasket clean and the inside door glass, especially the underside of the door glass where thread, hair, lint, and residue collect and buildup.
    Cleaning Door Glass
  2. Remove and clean the detergent dispenser in warm water with a soft bristled brush. Detach each of the pieces and clean the attachments.
    Detergent Tray Removal
  3. Check the detergent compartment for any debris or any foreign objects.
    Detergent Tray Debris
  4. Access the drain pump at the lower left corner of the washer and manually drain the washer using the black drain hose on the left side.
    Drain Pump Opening
  5. Once the washer has been drained, remove the drain filter and clean it in warm water with a soft bristled brush. Clean inside the filter housing as well.
    Drain Filter Cleaning


Once these steps have been performed, it is necessary to run multiple TUB CLEAN cycles in order to break down and rinse the detergent residue out of your washer.

  • Running a Tub Clean Cycle

    For detergent residue, a tub cleaner is most effective. These in sold in most hardware stores and made by an array of companies:

    1. Tablet: May run 3 cycles back-to-back with a tablet in the washer each time. This is the quickest method to remove residue.
    2. Powder: May use once a week for 3 weeks to remove residue.
    3. Liquid: May use once a week for 3 weeks to remove residue.
    4. All of these tub cleaners are effective, though the tablet allows you to clean out the washer the quickest.

    During the TUB CLEAN cycle, monitor the washer for leaks.

    • No Leaks: Everything is okay. Perform maintenance steps 1-2 times per month. The gasket and inside of the door should be wiped clean after every use. Use only HE detergent and use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer as your base amount. Reduce this amount by half, if needed.
    • Leaks: Inspect the inlet hoses, dispenser, door, drain pump filter, and drain hose to indentify the source of the leak.

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