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Lint on Clothes

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  • Lint on Clothing
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  • Last Updated 29/05/2019

What is Lint? 

Lint is a common name for visible accumulations of textile, fibers and other materials found on and around clothing. Certain materials used in the manufacturing of clothing, such as cotton, linen, and wool, contain numerous, very short fibers bundled together. During the course of normal wear, these fibers may either detach or be jostled out of the weave of which they are part of. This is the reason that heavily used articles like shirts and towels become thin over time and why these particles collect in the lint filter.

Causes of Lint

  •  Lint in the washer can be caused by combining Lint Producing items with Lint Collecting items.

              Lint producing items                                        Lint collecting items


          • Lint can also be caused by paper, tissues, or other items left in pockets.


                If the wash tub has not been cleaned for a while, soap residue or other materials may be transferred to clothing.

              • Blocked Lint Filters. 

              Low water levels due to incorrect sensing on auto cycle.

              • Using too much detergent may also result in detergent residue on clothing, which can look like lint.


             Overloading of loads and incorrect cycle selection.


          Preventive Steps to Avoid Lint

          •  Load Sorting (Separate Lint Producing items , such as cotton and wools, from Lint Collecting items, like semi synthetics, acrylics, rayon and other man-made materials).


          • Check pockets while loading and laundry and remove items before washing.


          • Keep the tub clean by running the Tub Clean cycle once a month or as needed. 

             Always ensure your Lint Filter is clean (LG Top Loader has 1 of 2 types of filters: either Exposed or "Hidden Dynamic" - If your machine has a Hidden Dynamic filter this type is self-cleaning and you cannot remove to clean it yourself).

             • Water level is too low (manually increase the water level option to a higher setting)

             Use the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for the size and soil level of the load. Pretreat or soak stained items if necessary before adding them to the wash.


             Use Warm water Temperatures (It is recommended to use warm water when washing. Today's modern washing detergents do not activate until approx 28C - undissolved washing detergent can add to friction)

             • Avoid over loading (Items should never be pushed down inside the bowl just so more can fit in)

             • Large and light items, like blankets , may float on the water during fill, capturing lint in the folds. Wash blankets in the Blankets or Bedding cycle for best results.



           Sample Photos of Lint on Clothes


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