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What should I do when [CF] appears on display?

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  • Clothes Styler, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

What should I do when [CF] appears on display?


cause Cause


        ■ If Power button is pressed while drying, the machine will show [CF] error on display and fan motor will start running to

           cool down dry duct.



how to fix How to fix


         * Applicable model: FR2922NCB


         - [CF] stands for ‘Cool Fan’. It is an additional process to protect the machine, not an error code or malfunction.


         - After cooling down for 30 seconds, the machine will be turned off automatically.

           ※ when [Dry] cycle is properly finished, [CF] will not show up.


          CF error on display

                                               <[CF] on display>







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