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Temperatures sensing selection and Control for CAC range of product

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  • Last Updated 09/08/2016

Dear Service Network,

Please refer to the basic step by step procedure which applies to our current model remote wired wall controllers.

Models include,

· Wide Screen Control model PQRCVSL0QW
· Premium Controller model PREMTA000
· Deluxe Wall controller model PDRCUDC0
The factory default setting for room temperature sensing, is generally  2TH.  This setting indicates that room temperature sensing is monitored and controlled from both the Return Air Sensor and also the Remote Wired Wall Controller Sensor.

However each and every application is somewhat different therefore in the event that (2TH)  is not ideal, room temperature sensing can be changed  to Wall Controller (REMO) or  Return Air Sensor (INDOOR).

Please refer to the attached document for a more detailed explanation in association to this matter.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to call.

Kind Regards
David Piscopo

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