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[Nexus 5X] Home screen


Home screen



     First screenshot is from Lollipop and the second one is from Marshmallow. You probably will 4
     notice that there aren’t many changes. Users can now directly uninstall apps from the Home screen.
     Press and hold an app to trigger the “Uninstall” option that appears along side of “Remove” at the
     top of the screen.  The non-removable apps will not have that option, but you can still try to disable
     them in app info.

     You scroll up and down to pick a widget instead of side to side. If the widget has more options, 
     you can scroll left and right to see the options. You can scroll using the vertical bar on the right to
     quickly jump to another alphabet.


                       [Lollipop OS]



                                                    [Marshmallow OS]


     Lollipop has All Apps scrolling side to side.

     In Marshmallow, when you open all apps, the first thing you’ll notice is that the scrolling has changed
     from horizontal to vertical.  Secondly, you’ll also see the search bar persists. You can quickly search
     for an app to open instead of scrolling through all your apps. You can also quickly get here by press
     and hold the All Apps icon.  Lastly, you’ll see four apps staying at the top of the list. This isn’t the most
     frequently used app. It’s suggested based on your local usage pattern that depends on time and

     When you scroll from the side, you can scroll down quickly jumping to the next alphabet.


                        [Lollipop OS]


                                     [Marshmallow OS]

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