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Why is my smart phone hot and how can I minimize it?

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  • Last Updated 09/04/2015

Why is my smart phone hot and how can I minimize it?



cause Cause

              - Heat source from smart phones are generally from CPU on main boards.

                Symptoms are more frequent on high-performance models, comprising of dual core or quad-core processors that use 4G network.


              - Structure : PCB (Printed Circuit Board) locations vary by product design, and as a result heat experienced by customers can also differ.


                   Structure of various phones


                     1) PCB is much closer to customer's hands, hence heat can be easily felt.
                     2) PCB is
underneath the battery, hence heat is less likely to be felt by customer directly.

              - When products with HD LCD are used for a long duration, they
can get slightly hot.

              - LTE products
are normally equipped with 1.5GHz dual-core processor or above, and comprise of LTE modem that helps faster data processing. 
                As hardware performance improves, heat can also be generated due to faster CPU processing as a result. 

If products are used when connected to a charger, charging circuit can give up heat.



how to fix How to fix   

             - When the smart phone gets extremely hot, refrain from use and leave to cool down.

               (Close all running programs such as games and apps)

             - Have the brightness set to
 less than 40% for indoors or engage illumination sensor to reduce heat from LCD.

Use an LG certified charger.

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