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Wi-Fi connection trouble / low reception

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  • Last Updated 09/04/2015

Wi-Fi connection trouble / low reception



symptom Symptom


          ■ Wi-Fi connection trouble / low reception



cause Cause


          ① When multiple devices in a space share a line, radio frequency between such devices can cause interference, where 
               despite normal
Wi-Fi reception, messages like “Loading…” or “Network error. Retry” pop up and connection fails.

          ② Walls or other obstacles between a wireless router and a smart phone may lessen reception.

          ③ Wrong password input may still provide Wi-Fi reception, but result in connection failures.

          ④ Wi-Fi provided by a certain carrier may be received on the antenna, but it's availability is limited to the provider only.


how to fix How to fix


           ① Weak signals in certain areas only: 
Compare the Wi-Fi signal strength with other smart phones in the same area. 

                  If signals are all weak, walls or other obstacles between smart phone and the wirless AP could be the cause.

                - Like wise, also compare the signal strength from other AP's near by as it could be the AP in this particular area requiring attention.
          ② Weak signals in many areas:

                - Compare the Wi-Fi signal strength with other wireless APs. If the signals are always weak, check the mobile phone’s SW version and upgrade
                  to the latest version.

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