IFA 2017: Life is good when you brunch all day long | LG EXPERIENCE

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But Berlin takes this saying to a whole new level with its round-the-clock brunch offers. Unlike many other cities, in Berlin, you don’t have to rush to get your brunch. Feel free to stay cozy a few more minutes (or hours) in bed, because your brunch will still be there waiting for you.

But the serving hours is not what amazes most about Berlin’s brunches—it’s the variety that clearly stands out. Forget those brunches reduced to sad cheese, lukewarm cold cuts and loveless hard-boiled eggs. No, in Berlin they do brunch right. We’re talking eggs of the poached, baked, steamed and whatever-else variety, handmade bagels, homemade pancakes, love-made donuts. Whatever you can crave, Berlin can put it on your plate.

This said, deciding on a place becomes hard given the supply of excellent restaurants everywhere you go. After a short debate, a (longer-than-necessary) search on some apps and a lot of drooling over the Instagram accounts, we decide on a destination: May am Ufer.

May am Ufer is located in the heart of Neukölln and the first thing that stands out when you walk in is that decadent-chiq style and minimalistic yet elegant  decor. The fresh environment and the vibrant recipes pair perfectly with the pilled-off walls and the vintage chandeliers. Nothing in there is left to chance, but this purposeful attitude is most seen on the ingredients, which are carefully chosen from biological and regional farming and acquired directly from the local producers.

Shortly after taking a seat, looking at the menu and, of course, sneaking a peek at other tables’ dishes, we are faced with a good problem. Everything looks delicious and we can’t make up our minds. Eventually, we’re ready, ordering a Shakshouka, a Poached Egg Breakfast and a Vegan breakfast. And what a choice it is!

An image of An image of having brunch in Berlin taken by lg v30

After this glorious breakfast, it was time for something sweet. Although, there was am May am Ufer plenty to choose we decided to do some sightseeing and go elsewhere. We grab our smartphones again and let them guide us to the wonderful place that would please our sweet tooth.

After a short walk, essential to clearing prized real estate in our stomachs, we end up at bramminal’s donuts in Neukölln. This place is a vegan donut lover’s dream!  Seriously. With almost 20 different flavours that range from the classic cinnamon and sugar to the adventurous chocolate fudge & Salt caramel, the hardest thing really is choosing what you, and your stomach, fancy most. To be honest… we can’t decide on one and take home almost one of each – would be rude not to!

Of course, that was way more than our hunger could manage, so we called for a little back-up and went for a walk in a park nearby. The sun, a welcome visitor in Germany, surely added a little something to the taste.

Unbeknown to us, our brunch-adventure isn’t over quite yet. As our friend Julia is kind enough to invite us to her gorgeous centenary flat in the lovely Friedrichshain neighbourhood and treat us with some delicious homemade yogurt easily done with the LG NeoChef. Not wanting to miss any of the preparation, we join Julia as she prepares the yogurt.

This incredible day-long brunch ends with a lovely chat on the balcony, accompanied by the homemade yogurt topped with one’s favourite toppings and an amazing sunset.

We will miss these amazing days, but surely we will remember them, every time we prepare one of these recipes on the LG NeoChef.

Life's Good!