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A footballing first: enjoy every game in UHD this summer from the BBC

This summer, the beautiful game is set to become even more gripping as it will be available in Ultra-High Definition (UHD) for the first time in a trial from the BBC.

A range of matches in Russia will be screened in UHD and HDR, giving viewers and fans in Britain the chance to see all the action in magnificent Ultra-High Definition.

The BBC will be streaming a selection of games in UHD live on the BBC iPlayer app for connected TVs, allowing tens of thousands of viewers in the UK to enjoy the beautiful game in crisper-than-ever detail.

How to get the biggest games in UHD
Ultra HD TV owners will be able to harness the power of 8.3 million pixels of footballing action. On top of the excellent HD offering available on BBC via terrestrial, cable and satellite channels, viewers will have the chance to stream games in glorious UHD using the BBC iPlayer service on LG Smart TVs.
You can access the BBC iPlayer app through your LG Smart TV interface, and find the UHD trial from the menu. If you’re able to take part, then sit back, relax and enjoy every pulse-racing moment from all the biggest games.
Best of all, you won’t need to buy a brand-new TV in order to enjoy the feast of football in Ultra-High Definition. UHD is supported on a wide number of LG OLED, Super UHD and Ultra UHD TVs released since 2016. See if your model supports UHD streaming by finding it on this list.  
To access Ultra HD in 50fps, an Internet connection of at least 40Mbit/s (for the full 3840 pixel Ultra HD) or 20Mbit/s (for 2560 pixel Ultra HD) will be required.

LG OLED – bringing the beautiful game to life
You can enjoy the tournament in Russia in stunning detail with LG OLED, which delivers:
 ·  Vibrant colours – from the bright greens of the pitch to the brilliant white of the England shirt, take in vivid colours that’ll make you feel like you’re in the stadium.
 ·  Ultra HD 4K resolution – immerse yourself in every second of action on the pitch with fast-moving pixels and a perfect picture quality.
 ·  Infinite contrast – self-lighting pixel technology that displays perfect black when switched off, making the stadia come alive at night.

Sensational Super UHD
Take your matchday experience a level further with stunning Super UHD and benefit from:
· Full Array Nano Cell – live every detail of the drama on the field with precisely placed nanocell pixels.
· Wide viewing angles – you’re in the home of football wherever you’re sat in the room, even from off-centre angles.
· α7 Intelligent Processor – a powerful processor delivering premium image quality, with a clearer and brighter picture you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

For more information on the BBC’s UHD trial and details of which games are getting the biggest of all big-match treatments, read the official press release.
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