– LG Electronics Australia (LG) today announced the LG SIGNATURE 430L1 Wine Cellar is entering the Australian market in January 2021 for an estimated RRP of $8,999. The wine storage solution joins three other products in this range, the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ Washing Machine, 700L French Door Fridge with InstaView Door-in-Door® and ZX 8K OLED TV.


To celebrate the launch, LG has teamed up with Good Pair Days, Australia’s fastest growing wine distributor that delivers the best of Australian wines right to consumer doors, and Darren Robertson, Chef and Co-owner of Three Blue Ducks and Rocker Bondi, to educate Australians about wine storage and food pairing.


For consumers who wish to register their interest in the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar ahead of market arrival, they can do so by visiting here.


The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar (700 W x 1793 H x 793 D), features Multi Temperature and Humidity control, LG ThinQ and storage for up to 65 bottles. Boasting a sleek, seamless and scratch-resistant metal frame structure, the new premium smart wine cellar creates optimal cellar conditions by controlling temperatures, humidity levels and minimising vibrations and light exposure to create the ideal storage environment for any variety or vintage. The unit also includes a drawer to store foods such as cheese and snacks.


An October 2020 LG study2 found that the majority (90.4%) of Australian consumers do not have a high expertise when it comes to how to properly store wine. As a solution, the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar provides the technology for Australian avid entertainers and wine aficionados alike to effectively preserve and store their favourite wines.

“At LG Australia we have been facilitating luxury living in the home through our LG SIGNATURE product range since 2017. We are pleased to introduce the Wine Cellar to this product category to further enrich everyday lifestyles and support the growing trend of entertaining at home,” said Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia.

"After the challenging year we've had, from drought to bushfires and now COVID-19, our study found that over three-quarters (77.7%) of Australians are now more likely to support Australian wineries over their international equivalents. That is why we are delighted to work with Good Pair Days on this launch. As the company sources and recommends locally produced wines to meet a variety of tastes and preferences, our wine cellar solution has the technology to support these delicacies in the comfort of consumers own homes.”


Banjo Harris-Plane, co-founder and wine buyer at Good Pair Days commented on the partnership: “It has been a challenging time for all of us, but the greater food and wine industry has been particularly hard hit with limited growth opportunities. At Good Pair Days, we are proud to partner with wineries across Australia and assist them as they fight for survival.

“We are excited to be partnering with LG as they enter the wine cellar market - it's a game-changer in any modern Australian home. We are working together on this launch to highlight the importance of storing wines, so they can be experienced the way the winemaker intended. Both LG and Good Pair Days are heavily invested in quality, and this amazing piece of equipment protects the integrity of your wine right up until the time it is ready to drink. We couldn't be prouder to work with LG on this.” 


According to Wine Australia, local households spent more than $3.5 billion on wine last year and, despite the onset of COVID-19, off-premise sales had increased by 6 per cent this year, despite the impacts of international exports and limited on-premise sales.3


However, the LG study found that close to three in four (72.7%) Australians mostly or always prefer to purchase wine in store than online. Although interestingly, consumers inclined to purchase in store are much more likely (60.5%) to admit to having little to minimal knowledge of wine storage practices compared to half as many among those preferring to purchase online (26.6%).

“Unlocking the world of wine has always been a key pillar of the Good Pair Days business. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to communicate your preferences to a store person, have them make a recommendation on the fly and then for you to gamble on the bottle of wine you've never tried before,” Harris-Plane of Good Pair Days continued. “We take the risk out of that and use our huge database of reference points to suggest wines we know people will love and that they may not have chosen themselves. We back this up with our Happiness Guarantee, so if you don't like your bottle, for whatever reason, we'll replace it.”


The study also found that over half (54.9%) of Australians have minimal or no knowledge on how to best pair foods with their wines.


“The Australian food and wine industry need our support more than ever, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with LG and Good Pair Days to showcase locally sourced Australian food and wines. Together we are showing how matching exciting food and wines can be easily achieved by the home cook,” said Darren Robertson, Chef and Co-owner of Three Blue Ducks, and Rocker Bondi.


The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar includes customisable options that cater to specific user needs and is designed to maintain the optimal temperatures for storing red and white wines and champagne:

Feature Details
Precise Temperature Control

The temperature control minimises temperature fluctuations so wines can stay at their best for longer.

Multi Temperature Control

A variety of different types of wines can be stored all at once – and without disrupting the other bottles in the fridge. Two temperature shelves provide the optimal conditions to preserve the wines and ultimately avoid premature aging. For red wine, the top shelf can be set between 11℃ to 18℃, while the middle shelf for white wine can be set between 5℃ to 11℃ and the bottom shelf for storing champagne is pre-set at 5℃ to 8℃.4
Humidity Control

Humidity control preserves wine flavour and label quality by keeping the air inside at an ideal humidity level.

LG Vibration Control

This technology prevents the bottles stored from vibrating, further safeguarding the flavour and characteristics of wine.
Auto Open Door

The Auto Open Door feature allows users to open the door hands-free by stepping on the holographic light, ‘Door Open’ on the base of the fridge.

Triple-Pane Black Mirror-Coated Glass Door

For the preservation of any wine collection, exposure to light must be limited. The black mirror coated Wine Cellar’s door shields the stored bottles against heat and ultraviolet (UV) light, helping ensure that the wines’ distinctive flavour profiles are locked in and protected.

InstaView® Panel

With just two knocks, the glass door turns transparent to reveal the wines inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss to keep wine under desired conditions.

Convertible Drawer
The convertible drawer amplifies the entertaining experience and is also customisable, whether it’s storing cheese and cold cuts for a party using the fridge temperature mode or storing meats for a BBQ using the freezer function.

Auto Lift Drawer™

The drawer lifts automatically with a push of a button for easy access to food and drinks.

Additional Products in Range

World-renowned Danish industrial designer, Torsten Valeur collaborated with LG Electronics globally to design the ultimate luxury living LG SIGNATURE product range, which launched globally in 2016. The Art of Essence, was the inspiration behind the philosophy of this product category. LG SIGNATURE products were stripped of all external features that detracted from the brand’s spirit, resulting in the streamlined look whilst delivering a sense of exclusivity to its owners.


With the recent addition of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar there are now four products in this range in Australia, including a convenient TWINWash™ washing machine, a modern InstaView Door-in-Door® refrigerator – and the futuristic LG OLED 8K TV.

LG SIGNATURE TWINWash Washing Machine

The LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ Washing Machine, a 10kg washer with compact 6kg heat pump dryer, is built with high quality materials including an enamel front and tempered glass door making it scratch and corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, it is a time-saving combination washer/dryer appliance that comes with a TWINWash™ Mini at the base of the unit allowing for users to care for special ‘cold wash’ garments at the same time a washing cycle is taking place within the main machine.  


Loaded with LG ThinQ™ technology, users can monitor the machine remotely, troubleshoot problems, receive smartphone notifications and download specialised wash cycles. The auto dosing function allows users to fill the detergent and softener reservoirs on the main washer and it will automatically add the correct amounts into the machine based on the wash cycle selected. A convenient solution providing multiple washes before a refill is needed.


LG SIGNATURE 700L French Door Fridge, with InstaView Door-in-Door®

The elegant yet simplistic stainless-steel LG SIGNATURE 700L French Door Fridge enhances minimalist style to the fullest. With InstaView Door-in-Door® users can quickly and easily access their favourite snacks and beverages without opening the main fridge door. With two quick knocks on the sleek mirrored glass panel, users can view the contents inside the fridge, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer, while the foot sensor at the base enables hands-free access.



The 77 and 88-inch LG SIGNATURE ZX 8K OLED TV presents perfect blacks and vibrant rich colours on a thin panel and with a minimalistic bezel, the unit naturally blends in with its surroundings to add luxury to any lounge room space while the sophisticated stand offers stable support to the ultra-large screen.

Furthermore, delivering 8K Ultra HD resolution (7,680 x 4,320) and 33 million self-emitting pixels, equivalent to 16-times the number of pixels in a Full HD TV and four-times that of a 4K UHD TV. The third generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor 8K leverages additional processing power and advanced deep learning algorithms to further boost picture and sound quality, while heightening viewers’ sense of immersion via innovations designed to optimise a wide range of content.


Global ambassadors

Earlier this month, LG Electronics announced globally the company is partnering with international style icon, Olivia Palermo and six-time Formula One™ World Champion, Lewis Hamilton in a new campaign to communicate the brand’s philosophy, “Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art.” As part of the campaign both spokespeople will communicate their thoughts on how to lead stylish, sophisticated lives and what motivates them most.


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Australia's fastest growing direct to consumer wine company, focussing on opening up the world of wine to novices to aficionados alike, one bottle at a time. For more information, please visit



LG Electronics Australia is based in Sydney and is a subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc, a global force and technology leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. In Australia, LG Electronics sells a range of stylish and innovative home entertainment products, mobile phones, home appliances, commercial displays, air conditioning systems and solar energy solutions, all under LG’s “Life’s Good” marketing theme. For more information, please visit or



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Good Pair Days Tech

Technology and UX are at the forefront of what we do. With the team we had, we knew we had the opportunity to build the most customer-focussed wine retail experience out there. But to be leaders in the industry we knew we couldn’t rely on other people’s software, so we’ve built our technology platform from the ground up using Python with the Django framework.

The personalisation tech
- We’ve built a cutting-edge recommendation model based on the latest ‘random forest’ machine learning technology, in which every bottle gets tagged with 30-50 specific characteristics. Every bottle gets paired with you for a percentage likelihood we think you'll love a bottle. We want to know you better than you know your own tongue.

The ability to customise
- Customise your preferences, delivery frequency, box size, mix of colours and types. Blacklist types to steer clear of and more. Change these anytime.
- Three price points - $15, $23 and $38. To suit all budgets but also to remove some of the ‘price does/doesn’t equal quality’ confusion.
- Cancel, skip, change delivery frequency, box size or colour preferences whenever you like
- Keep track of your journey by collecting points (free wine!)

Build tech that customers want
- We love you just how you are, but if you want to level up your wine game we can help you understand your tastes and wine characteristics with our Taste Test Challenge. Take it yourself or go head to head with your wine buddies.

1 Specifications and pricing as of October 2020, subject to change when product is available in market in January 2021.

2 The LG SIGNATURE Wine Survey was conducted by consumer research group, Core Data in October 2020 with a sample size of 1,126 and data weighted to the general Australian population.

4 Champagne / Sparkling Wine temperature zone drawer cannot be controlled on a degree basis and is only suitable for wines recommended to be stored between 5-8˚C