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[G2] Networks



     This section provides an overview of items you can change using your phone's System
     settings menus.

     To access the Settings menu:
     Tap  >  > System settings.
     - or -
     Tap  >  > Apps tab >  Settings.


     < Wi-Fi >
– Turns on Wi-Fi to connect to available Wi-Fi networks.
     ※ TIP! How to obtain the MAC address
     To set up a connection in some wireless networks with MAC filters, you may
     need to enter the MAC address of your phone in the router.
     You can find the MAC address in the following user interface: tap  >  >
     Apps tab >  Settings > Networks tab > Wi-Fi >  > Advanced Wi-Fi
> MAC address.

     < Bluetooth >
     Turn the Bluetooth wireless feature on or off to use Bluetooth.

     < Mobile data >
     Displays the data usage and set mobile data usage limit.

     < Call >
     Configure phone call settings such as call forwarding and other special features offered
     by your carrier.
     Voicemail – Allows you to select your carrier’s voicemail service.
     Fixed dialing numbers – Turn on and compile a list of numbers that can be called
     from your phone. You’ll need your PIN2, which is available from your operator. Only
     numbers within the fixed dial list can be called from your phone.

     Incoming call pop-up – Display incoming call popup when using camera and videos.
     Call reject – Allows you to set the call reject function. Choose from Call reject mode
     or Reject calls from.
     Decline with message – When you want to reject a call, you can send a quick
     message using this function. This is useful if you need to reject a call during a meeting.
     Privacy keeper – Hides the caller name and number for an incoming call.
     Call forwarding – Choose whether to divert all calls when the line is busy, when there
     is no answer or when you have no signal.
     Auto answer – Set the time before a connected hands-free device automatically
     answers an incoming call. Choose from Disable, 1 second, 3 seconds, and 5 seconds.
     Connection vibration – Vibrates your phone when the other party answers the call.
     Voice enhancement – Enhances voice quality in noisy environments so you can hear
     more clearly.
     Save unknown numbers – Add unknown numbers to contacts after a call.
     Power button ends call – Allows you to select your end call.
     Call barring – Lock incoming, outgoing or international calls.
     Call duration – View the duration of calls including Last call, Outgoing calls, Incoming
     calls and All calls.
     Additional settings – Allows you to change the following settings:
          Caller ID: Choose whether to display your number in an outgoing call.
          Call waiting: If call waiting is activated, the handset will notify you of an incoming call
          while you are on a call (depending on your network provider).

     < Share & connect >
     NFC – Your phone is an NFC-enabled mobile phone. NFC (Near Field Communication)
     is a wireless connectivity technology that enables two-way communication between
     electronic devices. It operates over a distance of a few centimeters. You can share your
     content with an NFC tag or another NFC support device by simply tapping it with your
     device. If you tap an NFC tag with your device, it will display the tag content on your

          To switch NFC on or off: From the Home screen, touch and slide the notification
          panel down with your finger, then select the NFC icon to turn it on.

          ※ NOTE: When airplane mode is activated, the NFC application can be used.

          Using NFC: To use NFC, make sure your device is switched on, and activate NFC if

     Direct/Android Beam – When this feature is turned on, you can beam app content to
     another NFC-capable device by holding the devices close together.
     Just bring the device together(typically back to back) and then tap your screen. The app
     determines what gets beamed.

     SmartShare Beam – Enable to receive files from LG phones.
     Miracast – Mirror phone screen and sound onto Miracast dongle or TV Wirelessly.
     Wireless storage – You can manage files on your phone in the computer or copy files
     to the phone from the computer without a USB connection. After switching on Wireless
     storage, make sure that the phone and computer are connected to the same network.
     Then, enter the web addresses shown on your phone in the address bar of the browser
     on your computer.

     < Tethering & networks >
     Wi-Fi hotspot
– You can also use your phone to provide a mobile broadband
     connection. Create a hotspot and share your connection. Please "Sharing your
     phone's data connection"
for more information.
     Bluetooth tethering – Allows you to set your phone whether you are sharing the
     Internet connection or not.
     Help – Tap to view help information on the Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering
     Airplane mode – After switching to Airplane mode, all wireless connections are

     ※ NOTE: You must set a lock screen PIN or password before you can use
     credential storage.

     Mobile networks – Set options for data roaming, network mode & operators, access
     point names (APNs) etc.
     VPN – Displays the list of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that you've previously
     configured. Allows you to add different types of VPNs.

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