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Water / Suds - No Wter


Subject : Water / Suds - No Water



symptom Symptom


■ No Water




cause Checkpoint


   Newly installed unit (within 24 - 48 hours)


• Be certain that the water supply valve is turned on.

  Look over the inlet hose for any kinks or bends in the line that could be preventing the unit from filling properly.

• The drain hose needs to be installed properly too.

• If water drains as soon as it fills the dishwasher the unit will not be able to retain the water needed to run the cycle.



 Check the water supply tap for the dishwasher's water line to make certain it is on


• Supply is Off : After you turn the water supply back on to the dishwasher, you should be able to run wash cycles normally.



Will you check the inlet hose to the dishwasher to be sure it hasn't become kinked?


• If the water inlet hose (supply line) is kinked it will restrict water flow into the machine.

• Straighten any bends or kinks in the inlet hose.


Is the required water pressure met?



• Water supply pressure must be between 0.05~0.6MPa.

• If the water supply pressure is more than 0.6MPa, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.


Outdoor Installation Components


During the winter, any part of the dishwasher that is installed outside and contains water (i.e. water hoses) could freeze,

  preventing proper operation.

• To melt, take a warm, wet cloth and wrap around the hose. It will be necessary to dry the hose off afterwards.



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