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Water / Suds - Oversudsing


SUBJECT : Over sudsing





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Detergent guide


Do you use automatic dish washing detergent? (liquid, powder, or tablet)

If you're a liquid or powdered detergent user, the issue that prompted this call could have been the result of using too   much detergent. The manual included with your dishwasher will provide you with details on the recommended   amounts of detergent to use (20g-30g).

• If a dish washing detergent that is designed for washing dishes in the sink is used oversudsing will occur.    Always use Automatic Dishwasher Detergent in your machine.






Rinse Aid Settings



• Even if you are using the correct detergent, the water quality in the area may require some adjustment to the rinse aid setting.

• The factory default setting is L2, but because water quality can vary from household to household the setting may need to be lowered.

• Too much rinse aid will result in foaming during the rinse cycle.

• Rinse aid can be adjusted by opening the cover to the rinse aid compartment and moving the lever to either a lower or higher number L0 ~ L4


1. Ensure the appliance is off.

2. Press Power and Dual Zone simultaneously to check the current setting.

3. Press Delay Start to change the rinse aid dispenser setting. Each press of the button changes the setting one step from L0(off) to L4.

4. Once the desired rinse aid dispenser setting is selected, press Start to save.







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