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  • Last Updated 16/05/2018

Subject : Option / Cycles 






  Available Options

The Energy Saver option is not available with the High Temp or Extra Dry option.

■ Auto Open Door (AOD) (On Some Models)
The door will open automatically at the end of a programme that includes drying in order to enhance drying performance.

• The AOD feature is not available in all models. 
• To activate or deactivate AOD feature, press and hold the Energy Saver button and the High Temp button simultaneously for 3 seconds. 
• The AOD feature is not available when the Machine Clean and Rinse cycle is selected. 
• When you select the Download Cycle, the AOD feature may operate even if the feature is deactivated. Because the Download Cycle is designed to achieve the best performance in a specific purpose regardless of appliance settings. 
•The display shows whether the AOD feature is on or off.

Warning! : Keep children away from the appliance while the appliance is operating. 
Exposure to high temperature steam may cause scalding or burns



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