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[G2] Camera


image Camera


     With the OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) camera on the phone, you can take a clearer
     picture by removing physical shaking. The Multi Point AF (Autofocus) feature enables
     you to get a clearer and natural picture even if the objects are not in the center.
     To open the Camera application, tap
Camera image on the Home screen.


How to use Getting to know the viewfinder




     ※ NOTE: Please ensure the camera lens is clean before taking pictures.



How to use Using the advanced settings


     In the viewfinder, tap image to open the advanced options. You can change the camera
     settings by scrolling through the list. After selecting the option, tap image.








How to use Taking a quick photo

     1  Open the Camera application and point the lens toward the subject your want to


     2  Focus boxes will appear in the center of the viewfinder screen. You can also tap
         anywhere on the screen to focus on that spot.

     3  When the focus box turns green, the camera has focused on your subject.

     4  Tap image to capture the photo.


How to use 
Using Shot & Clear mode

     This feature allows the camera to identify objects you may not want in your photo. After
     taking the photo, tap an outlined object* to remove it, then save the photo.

     1  Open the Camera application.

     2  Tap image > image Shot & Clear.

     3  Tap image to take a picture.


     4  Tap any of the outlined objects to remove them from the photo, then tap image.
     * When taking a picture, moving objects are shown as dashed lines.

     ※ NOTES
     Take a picture after fixing the camera in one place.
If the color of a subject is similar to the background, only a part may be
       detected or it may be difficult to erase.
If a moving subject is too small or too large, it may be difficult to erase.
If the subject is moving insignificantly, it may not be detected.


How to use Using Dual camera mode

     Allows you to take a picture with the front and rear cameras at the same time,
     combined into one picture.

     1  Open the Camera application.

     2  Tap image > image Dual camera.

  A small viewfinder box appears on the main viewfinder screen. Set up your shot.

     Drag the small viewfinder to move it where you want it in the shot.
Touch and hold the small viewfinder to resize it, if necessary.
Tap the small viewfinder to swap the lens between the main viewfinder and the small

     4  Tap image to take the combined picture.


How to use Using Time catch shot mode

     Sets the camera to capture missing moments by taking five sequential pictures before
     image is tapped.

     1  Open the Camera application.

     2  Tap image > image Time catch shot.


     3  Tap image to take a picture.

     4  To view the moments just before the picture was taken, tap the image thumbnail at
         the bottom of the Camera screen.

     5  Select the pictures that you want to keep, then tap image at the top of the screen.


How to use Once you've taken a photo

     Tap the image thumbnail at the bottom of the Camera screen to view the last photo you    





     ※ TIP! If you have an SNS account and set it up on your phone, you can share

                   your photo with your SNS community.

     ※NOTE: Additional charges may apply when MMS messages are downloaded
                       while roaming.


     Tap the Menu key image to open all advanced options.

     Set image as – Tap to use the photo as a Contact photo, Home screen wallpaper or
                                  Lock screen wallpaper.
– Tap to move the photo to another place.
     Copy – Tap to copy the selected photo and save it to another album.
     Copy to Clip Tray – Tap to copy the photo and store in the Clip Tray.

     Rename – Tap to edit the name of the selected photo.
     Rotate left/right – To rotate left or right.
     Crop – Crop your photo. Move your finger across the screen to select the area to be
     Edit – View and edit the photo.
     Slideshow – Automatically shows you the images in the current folder one after the
     Add location – To add the location information.
     Details – Find out more information about the file.


How to use From your Gallery

     Tap image Gallery and select Camera.
     • To view more photos, scroll left or right.
     • To zoom in or out, double-tap the screen or place two fingers and spread them apart
       (move your fingers closer together to zoom out).


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