SYDNEY, 20 April, 2015 —LG Electronics (LG) has debuted its latest top load SmartWasher washing machine range in Australia today. These seriously smart washing machines offer the convenience of a top loader with features usually associated with front loaders.  The LG SmartWasher uses a combination of 6 motions, based on hand-washing movements to provide an outstanding wash, whilst caring for your clothes. LG have the only range of top load washers in Australia that feature on-board heaters which offer 60°C Allergen and 40°C Stain Care courses to help remove common household allergens and stubborn stains.



“Having sold more washing machines than any other brand worldwide in 2014 for the seventh consecutive year, at LG we know what consumers want and need from a washing machine,” Lambro Skropidis, General Manager Marketing, LG Australia said.  “That’s why with the new LG SmartWashers we’ve focused on providing advanced clothing care without sacrificing convenience.”


6 Motion™ Direct Drive

With this unique LG technology, you’ll feel as if your clothes were washed by hand. The drum moves in a range of unique customised motions so the washing cycle is not just dictated by speed and temperature, but the actual movements of the drum. Better yet, the unique combinations of motions for each different type of cycle cover most laundry needs– from woollen winter items to sportswear and delicate fabrics. The six motions include…

6 Motion Direct Drive

• Waveforce: Gently removes dirt and stains from clothing using strong water currents.

• Compressing: Dissolves detergent with high-speed spinning & squeezing.

• Swing: Smooth wash for your delicate fabrics.

• Rotating: The pulsator rotates in alternate directions to help untangle clothes.

• Rubbing: The rubbing motion efficiently scrubs off stains.

• Agitating: The powerful current created by the agitating motion helps to remove stubborn stains.


But what about the central post/agitator?

Agitators are largely a thing of the past! Top loaders without agitators can not only clean clothes more gently, but it also means you don’t have to spend ages unknotting your wet laundry.


So what’s the verdict?

Joy of The Mama Minute trialled the new SmartWasher and was amazed by how in tune the machine was with her lifestyle. “The SmartWasher is all class – smart in both design and function. It took five minutes to set up and the same amount of time to work out how to get it to run the first cycle. The drum is big enough to fit in a queen sized doona or a couple of pillows - which we did with great success - and the regular spin cycle leaves clothes surprisingly dry. A full load of my toddler's clothes only needed an hour in the sun before they were ready to take in and fold.” The only thing in Joy’s eyes that’s missing is that the SmartWasher doesn’t pour her a glass of wine after the wash program starts, although “it probably does, I just haven’t worked out which button to press yet!”


Any other cool features? You bet!

In addition to customised washing motions, the top load SmartWashers include….

• On-board Heater: In raising the water temperature to an optimal 40~60°C,this helps to remove troublesome dirt, odours, dust and common household allergens•.

• Stain Care Course: When the kids get messy at the dinner table or your new white blazer becomes a faded treacle colour thanks to your coffee on-the-go, select this option and the On-board Heater ensures the water stays at 40°C to remove stubborn stains.

• Allergen Care Course :Ideal for commonly used items such as pillows, sheets and towels, this removes 99.9 percent of household allergens such as pollen, cat & dog allergens and house dust mites*delivering the best possible hygienic washing results.

• Wide-View Glass Lid: Like the meditative viewing experience of watching your clothes being cleaned? Good news – you can easily check on your washing without the hassle of opening the lid. Plus the soft-closing lid prevents it from closing on fingers unexpectedly.

• Touch LED Display: The easy-to-use controls complement the many washing motions offered, so you can easily select the option that’s best for you. Plus, it looks super sci-fi cool.

• Smart Diagnosis: If an error ever does occur, your SmartWasher can talk for itself to help find a solution. Smart Diagnosis lets you use the LG app (or make a phone call) to notify the LG Customer Information Centre – which means less wasted time inconvenience and unnecessary call-outs.

• 10-Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty: At LG, we’re so confident about the quality and durability of our SmartWashers that all new models in the range come with a standard decade-long warranty on the Direct Drive motor.


What are the different types of new LG top loader SmartWashers?

Model Type

SmartWasher size


Price (RRP)


9.5 kg

Stainless Finish


WTG9532Wh (exclusive to Harvey Norman)

9.5 kg




7.5 kg




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*Certified by the British Allergy Foundation

** Android 2.2+, iOS 4.3+ required




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