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How to assembly the Vegitable Drawer

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  • Last Updated 05/07/2016

How to assembly the Vegitable Drawer


Vegetable drawerdisassembly/assembly

 How to fix

1. Vegetable drawer disassembly/assembly

1) French Door Model disassembly
-. Take out shelves and vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.
-. To separate the glass above the drawer, put your hand underneath the drawer cover and lift it up. Read the statement written on the cover.
-. Hold the cover with one hand and lift up the glass with the other.
-. Lift up the whole vegetable drawer.
-. Pull out the vegetable drawer a little bit, then lift one side and take out.

2) S x S DIOS model disassembly/assembly
-. Keep doors wide open.
-. Hold the handle and pull out.
-. If it is stuck, lift up slightly and pull out.

-. Raise the cover slightly when assembling.
-. Align it with the rail.
-. Lift up front part of the drawer slightly then push in to the end.

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