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What should I do when a dishwasher smells inside?

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  • Last Updated 09/01/2017

What should I do when a dishwasher smells inside?




how to fix How to fix

A burning-like smell, which is unique to any electric appliance, may be generated at the initial use of the dishwasher,

but this smell will decrease when you use the dishwasher 5 ~ 10 times.

       ■ Cleaning a filter


           - A regular filter cleaning increases overall washing performance and prevents various errors and odor.


       ▶  How to clean a filter


           1) Take a lower rack out and separate a filter assembly.

           2) For a dishwasher with 12 plate setting capacity, disassemble the first filter by rotating it counterclockwise and

                pull the rest assembly upward.






           3) Remove food residues from the filter and wash it in running water.





           4) Please wash the filter gently.

           5) Reassemble the parts in a reverse order.



           6) If not properly assembled, the filter will not be able to collect food residues thus reducing washing performance.

               Please periodically clean the filter, otherwise odor may occur.






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