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Adjustable Tines and Rack Issues

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  • Adjustable Tines and Rack Issues
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  • Last Updated 05/04/2017

Upper Rack Issues

1. Rack doesn’t slide or falls down

    If the unit is not level, the cabinet may be out of square and the rack may not slide or rest in place properly.

    A unit that’s installed out of level can also cause leaking issues

    from the door. Check the following in order to resolve the issue.

    1) Check all of the feet to be sure they are firmly touching the floor.

    2) Use a level and check the sides and the top to see if they are level.

Was the issue caused by the leveling of the unit?

  If Yes : Offer additional assistance and end the call normally.

  If No : The rack may be warped and need to be replaced if a leveling check didn’t resolve the issue.

            A replacement rack may be FOC’d if the dishwasher is still within the rack parts warranty.

2. Rack is damaged, Tine broken, Vinyl Coating worn and rusting.

    Rack is missing wheels, Wheels are broken.

    They may be replaced via an FOC within the rack parts warranty.

Lower Rack Issues

1. Rack doesn’t slide or falls down

    In an effort in increase consumer satisfaction a design change has been made to the lower rack assembly for certain model dishwasher.

   The design change specifically affects the adjustable tines that can be made to stand up or lay down.

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