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Cooking Issues) Overcooking / Undercooking


Cooking Issues) Overcooking / Undercooking


Cooking Issues



 How to fix

Was the time/cooking power
level set correctly?

If the time and power levels were not set properly, the unit will not cook food properly. Each unit has different instructions for operating the unit. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for instructions specific to the model in question.

Refer to the cooking guide of the owners manual to get even cooking. Measure the amount of food in order to the time and power level needed to reheat. Check recipe to be sure all direction (amount, power, time, size of dish) were allowed.

Is cookware approved for
microwave use?

Not all dishes are microwave safe. Check the specifications for the cookware. If it is not approved for microwave cooking, do not use to cook food in MWO.

Most heat resistance, nonmetallic cookware is safe for use in your microwave oven.

Some dish (melamine, some ceramic dinnerware, etc) absorb microwave energy,
become too hot to handle  and slowing cooking time. Cooking in metal containers,
not designed for microwave use, could damage the oven, as could containers with
hidden metal (twist-ties, foil lining, staples, metallic glaze or trim).

Was the food/dish completely
defrosted before cooking?

If not completely defrosted, foods will cook unevenly in the unit.

For the best result of the “Defrost”
 - remove the fish, selfish, meat and poultry from its original closed wrapper.
 - shape your ground meat into the form of a doughnut before freezing
 - Please read “Defrosting Tips” in the Owners Manual of the Unit.

Are the vents clear from

The vents must be free to ventilate or the unit could malfunction and not heat properly. This means that any film covering exterior vents must be removed. Furthermore, the proper clearance requirements must be maintained. The unit should not have anything placed on top of it.

Food covered with plastic wrap?
and made venting gap.

Sensor cooking calculate cooking time with steam from food.
To control steam amount steady wrap the food and make venting gap.
If food is not as hot as you would like after using sensor cook or reheat function, use Cook Time to continue heating. Do not repeat sensor options in succession on the same food.

*Required question