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[Robot Cleaner] Suction power is weak

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  • Last Updated 01/12/2014


Suction power is weak.





Suction power may weaken when the dust bin is full or if the filters are dirty.


How to fix


1. Press button on the main unit to open the dust bin cover.

2. Hold the handle on the dust bin and pull.

3. Pull the hook on the back of the dust bin to separate filter and sponge.

4. Clean sponge and filter with a cleaning brush and a vacuum cleaner.

5. Press the button and open the cover.

6. Empty the dust bin and wash with a cleaning brush or in running water.

7. If cleaned with water, dry completely in well-ventilated shade.

8. After cleaning, place the sponge and filter back in.

9. Check filter and sponge are assembled.

10. If filter is not in place, dust may enter the product and cause breakdowns.

11. Place the dust bin and close the cover.








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