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Software Drivers for LG Monitors

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  • Last Updated 02/09/2015


Most LG Monitors do not need a special Software Driver to enable them to function.  This includes Monitors designed for Windows 10.


Our Monitors are designed to use the Software Driver library that is included with your Computer's Operating System.



If the Monitor requires a special Software Driver or other software to function:

  • There will be a copy on the CD-ROM that came bundled with your Monitor


  • The Software Driver or other software will be listed on the Monitor's Product Support Page (under the Software Update tab):




You can search for your Monitor's Product Support Page using the search box in the top corner of LG's website:




If your Windows Computer is requesting a Software Driver, and there is no Software Driver listed on the Product Support Page, we suggest you run Windows Update.  Windows Update will scan your Computer for attached devices and download the relevant Software Drivers automatically from the Microsoft Server.


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