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[G2] Messaging


Function Messaging


     Your phone combines SMS and MMS into one intuitive, easy-to-use menu.


How to use Sending a message

     1  Tap image on the Home screen and tap image to open a blank message.

     2  Enter a contact name or contact number in the To field. As you enter the contact
         name, matching contacts will appear. You can tap a suggested recipient. You can
         add more than one contact.

     ※ NOTE: You will be charged for a text message for every person to whom you
                      send the message.

     3  Tap the Enter message field and begin composing your message.

     4  Tap image to open the Options menu. Choose from
Quick message, Insert smiley,
         Schedule sending, Add subject
and Discard.

     ※ TIP!
You can tap the image icon to attach the file, that you want to share with message.

     5  Tap Send to send your message.

     6  Responses will appear on the screen. As you view and send additional messages, a
         message thread is created.

     ※ WARNING:
     The 160-character limit may vary from country to country, depending on the
        language and how the SMS is coded.
     If an image, video or audio
file is added to an SMS message, it is automatically

       converted into an MMS message and you are charged accordingly.



How to use Threaded box

     Messages (SMS, MMS) exchanged with another party can be displayed in chronological
     order so that you can conveniently see an overview of your conversation.


How to use Changing your message settings

     Your phone message settings are pre-defined, so you can send messages immediately.
     You can change the settings according to your preferences.

     Tap the Messaging icon on the Home screen, tap image and then tap Settings.

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