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[G2] Internet

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  • Last Updated 04/11/2015


     Use this application to browse the Internet. Browser gives you a fast, full-color world of
     games, music, news, sports, entertainment and much more, right on your mobile phone
     wherever you are and whatever you enjoy.

     ※ NOTE: Additional charges apply when connecting to these services and
                        downloading content. Check data charges with your network provider.

     1  Tap  >  > Apps tab >  Internet.


 Using the Web toolbar

     Tap slide it upwards with your finger to open.



 Viewing webpages

     Tap the address field, enter the web address and tap Go.


 Opening a page

     To go to new page, tap   .
     To go to another webpage, tap , scroll up or down, and tap the page to select it.


 Searching the web by voice

     Tap the address field, tap , speak a keyword, and then select one of the suggested
     keywords that appear.

     ※ NOTE: This feature may not be available depending on the region or service



     To bookmark the current webpage, tap  > Save to bookmarks > OK.
     To open a bookmarked webpage, tap  and select one.



     Tap  > History to open a webpage from the list of recently-visited webpages. To
     clear the history, tap Menu key  → Clear all history.


 Using Popup Browser

     Use this feature to access the Internet without closing the current application.
     While viewing content, such as contacts or notes that include web addresses, select a
     web address and then tap Popup Browser to open the pop-up browser. Touch and drag
     the browser to move it to another location.
     To view the browser in full screen, tap .
     To close the browser, tap .


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