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Are there any tips for the touch screen?

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  • Last Updated 14/07/2015

Are there any tips for the touch screen?


Function explanation Touch screen tips


             Here are some tips on how to navigate on your phone.

             Tap or touch – A single finger tap selects items, links, shortcuts and letters on the on-screen keyboard.

             Touch and hold – Touch and hold an item on the screen by tapping it and not lifting your finger until an action occurs.

                                               For example, to open a contact's available options, touch and hold the contact

                                               in the Contacts list until the context menu opens.

             Drag – Touch and hold an item for a moment and then, without lifting your finger, move your finger on the screen

                           until you reach the target position. You can drag items on the Home screen to reposition them.

             Swipe or slide – To swipe or slide, quickly move your finger across the surface of the screen, without pausing

                                            when you first tap it(so you don’t drag an item instead). For example, you can slide the screen up

                                            or down to scroll through a list, or browse through the different Home screens

                                            by swiping from left to right(and vice versa).

             Double-tap – Double-tap to zoom on a webpage or a map. For example, quickly double-tap a section of a webpage to adjust

                                       that section to fit the width of the screen. You can also double-tap to zoom in and out while viewing the picture.

             Pinch-to-Zoom – Use your index finger and thumb in a pinching or spreading motion to zoom in or out when using the browser

                                             or Maps, or when browsing pictures.

             Rotate the screen – From many applications and menus, the orientation of the screen adjusts to the device's physical orientation.



                • To select an item, tap the center of the icon.

                • Do not press too hard; the tap screen is sensitive enough to pick up a light, yet firm tap.

                • Use the tip of your finger to tap the option you want. Be careful not to tap any other keys.

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