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     Open the Gallery application to view albums of your pictures and videos.
     1  Tap  >  > Apps tab >  Gallery.
         You can manage and share all your image and video files with Gallery.

     ※ NOTE:
     • Some file formats are not supported, depending on the software installed on
        the device.
     • Some files may not play properly, depending on how they are encoded.


 Viewing pictures

     Launching Gallery displays your available folders. When another application, such as
     Email, saves a picture, the download folder is automatically created to contain the
     picture. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates the Screenshots folder.
     Select a folder to open it.
     Pictures are displayed by creation date in a folder. Select a picture to view it full screen.
     Scroll left or right to view the next or previous image.

     Zooming in and out
     Use one of the following methods to zoom in on an image:
     • Double-tap anywhere to zoom in.
     • Spread two fingers apart on any place to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out, or double-tap
        to return.



 Playing videos

     Video files show the  icon in the preview. Select a video to watch it and tap . The
     Videos application will launch.


Editing photos

     When viewing an photo, tap the Menu key  > Edit.


Deleting photos/videos

     Use one of the following methods:
     • In a folder, tap  and select photos/videos by ticking, and then tap on Delete.
     • When viewing a photo/Video, tap .


 Setting as wallpaper

     When viewing a photo, tap the Menu key  > Set image as to set the image as
     wallpaper or assign to a contact.


     ※ NOTE:
     • Some file formats are not supported, depending on the device software.
     • If the file size exceeds the available memory, an error can occur when you
       open files.



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