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LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging


LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging

  • Packaging is essential in addressing current environmental concerns, and LG is actively integrating eco-conscious materials into its packaging.
  • LG Electronics has been engaged in recycling programs in Europe and meeting regulatory obligations in all EU member states.
  • Sustainable packaging focuses on reducing environmental impact by minimising waste, conserving resources, and lowering carbon emissions, a commitment LG shares.
  • LG is determined to use more sustainable packaging based on recycled materials.

What is eco-friendly packaging, and what is LG doing to include more of it in Europe?


In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, eco-friendly packaging has become a crucial part of the solution. LG, a brand known for its innovation, is actively contributing to a sustainable future by incorporating eco-friendly materials into its packaging. Since 2005, LG Electronics has been actively engaged in take-back and recycling programs in Europe following the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives. These directives stipulate that each EU member state has a unique collection and recycling system.1

LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of sustainable packaging, including the various types it encompasses, and why it matters. Discover how LG is making key changes across Europe to create more environmentally conscious packaging solutions.

What is sustainable packaging?


Sustainable packaging is more than a buzzword; it's a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Unlike standard packaging, sustainable packaging prioritises eco-friendliness throughout its lifecycle. From design to disposal, the purpose of eco-friendly packaging is to:


  • Minimise waste
  • Conserve resources
  • Lower carbon emissions

But how can you distinguish sustainable packaging from the rest? Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for paper-based materials, or check the chasing arrows symbol for recyclable plastics.11 LG embraces these principles, ensuring its packaging is not only visually appealing but also eco-conscious.

Recycled plastics


LG is committed to reducing plastic waste. In 2021, LG Electronics (LG) revealed its goal to utilise nearly 600,000 tons of recycled plastic by 2030, reducing emissions.2,3


In addition, LG is putting measures in place in 52 nations to collect and recycle electronic waste.4 The LG Chilseo Recycling Center in South Korea, which began operations in 2001, not only collects electronic garbage but also uses recycled plastic to create new components that are shipped to LG's neighbouring home appliance facility for use in new products like refrigerators.

Eco-friendly cardboard and paper


LG is responding to this demand of eco-minded consumers who appreciate packaging made from sustainable sources by opting for recycled cardboard and paper, which is sourced from responsibly managed forests.5 For example, select LG OLED evo models arrive in a cardboard box marked with an Eco Label.6 These packages also include a bio-based remote control bag, which further reduces unnecessary plastic consumption.7

Recycled Pulp Moulding


Recycled pulp moulding is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based packaging materials. LG has begun utilising this technique while providing more sturdy and sustainable packaging solutions. This shift from EPS foam and plastic bags to eco-friendly recycled moulded pulp packaging has earned LG Soundbars the SGS Eco Product Certification.8,10

Why is Eco-friendly Packaging Important?


Eco-friendly packaging goes beyond aesthetics; it's a critical element in the broader sustainability journey. Sustainable packaging complements eco-minded production and, by adopting  sustainable packaging practices, responsive companies can help contribute to a circular economy where resources are conserved and reused.9

LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging

In this way, packaging becomes a powerful tool in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. In a significant shift, LG is now actively pioneering a novel business approach that incorporates the sustainable recirculation of finite resources. This initiative underscores LG's increased commitment to the retrieval and recycling of used products as a central tenet of its environmental efforts.

Is Recycled Packaging Sustainable?

LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging

Recycled packaging holds a pivotal role in sustainable initiatives, yet its true sustainability hinges on meticulous execution. When executed effectively, recycled packaging can help to conserve resources, curtail energy consumption, and reduce waste. LG continues to place great emphasis on its journey to ensure that its recycled packaging aligns with these benchmarks, thus paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

More Sustainable Shopping with Eco-Minded Packaging

LG’s strategy for the future: the power of sustainable packaging

At LG Electronics, we find it important to strive for sustainable solutions in every aspect of your daily life—including shopping.  Consumers hold the power to make smarter and more conscious shopping decisions by choosing brands that prioritise sustainable packaging. LG aims for positive change, one thoughtful purchase at a time.


The importance of eco-friendly packaging cannot be stressed when the globe is dealing with serious environmental issues. LG is undertaking proactive measures to help lead the march towards a better future with the continued use of recycled plastics, environmentally conscious cardboard and paper and innovative pulp moulding, demonstrating our ongoing commitment towards sustainable packaging.

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